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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shalini, Somu and the squirrel

Summer temperatures in Ahmedabad soar to 40 degrees Celsius, so Nicole's Shalini and Somu have been spending their days very sensibly resting under the fan. Most boisterous play takes place at night.

Somu has grown up beautiful and healthy. Shalini is as slim and light as ever.

Nicole writes that the dogs like constructing tunnels of various depths and lengths. Apart from the fun of digging, they probably like sitting in the cool damp earth.

One morning they waited for a long time at the bottom of a neem tree for a squirrel to come down.

Nicole writes that she really almost expected to find them sitting in the tree soon...

Luckily their tree-climbing efforts failed, and the squirrel escaped unhurt by jumping to another tree!

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Photos: Nicole Poyyayil


Sarah said...

Love the photos Nicole. I moved into my first home in March and my Canaans and Pete love watching the squirrels. I shutter at the though of what would happen should one fall from the tree!

The squirrels and chipmunks run along the cable/phone wires that span the back of the yard. The dogs will chase them from one side of the yard to the other and bark like mad.

Today was Canada's first real heatwave, on the eastern front anyways. Although I am in the office today ... I am told, with the humidity, it was over 40 today. The dogs are cool in the house but I have noticed in the past couple of days that their activity level has dropped and they are definitely vegging out. :)

wandereress said...

What fun! Good for the squirrel though :)

What Remains Now said...

Without even seeing or being told about the squirrel, just looking at the dogs made me think..."I bet a squirrel's in that tree." I'm glad the squirrel got away safely and the doggies had some fun.

doggylove said...

hey, this reminds of an unpleasant incident few days back, chinmayi's building dogs (all siblings, a pack of 4), attacked one squirrel,luckily,Chinmayi's husband poured water on the dogs,so they let go the squirrel,but the squirrel was in a state of shock,Chinmayi kept the squirrel at her house in a cage for few hrs ,when the squirrel regained confidence and started activity inside the cage, they let her go on a tree.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Eeek, it's awful if they actually catch anything (other than rats). Kimaya and our cat Tabbyrani have caught bats three times, but they were all rescued immediately and released unharmed.

Npoyyayil said...

Sarah, I can imagine the similar scene....here, the squirrels run along the compound wall and Shalini and Somu speed along (luckily without barking, that starts only in the evening when the pigeons settle down for sleeping on the pipes near the balcony). Shalini once tried to catch a Langoor monkey's tail, hanging down the compound wall while the monkey sat on the wall. She didn't realise that there was such a huge monkey attached to that tail and started running towards it with full confidence that she'll catch something great to playing with. Luckily the monkey spotted her and jumped away. (in this case lucky for Shalini because the monkey was more than double her size and had a support group of about 20 members nearby)