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Friday, July 1, 2011


Another member from Hyderabad.

Pretty INDog-mix Kheera is two and a half. Her owners Greta and Edward Mahon lived in Hyderabad for two years and adopted her from Blue Cross.
Kheera started life as a street puppy and was orphaned when she was only two weeks old.

"We fostered her and her two brothers since two weeks of age, because the mother was killed," writes Greta. "Found homes for the two boys and fell in love with the girl."

Kheera now lives with Greta and Edward in Kansas. It's easy to see why they couldn't part with her.

Enjoy the pictures!
My favourite is the play-bow, or perhaps it's a yoga asana!

Photos: Greta Mahon


doggylove said...

lovely snaps! hey, as a pup she had drooping ears, one ear stands, one is drooping?the german shepherds have drooping ears in puppyhood, and they stand up later? gsd mix our kheera!!

Urja Baggins said...

Kheera is such a sweet, cuddly dog!

- Swati Chavda