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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kolkata dogs Lapu and Shapu need loving homes

Please help Indrajit Chakravarty find a home for these lovely dogs:

I am from Kolkata and I had four 15-day old puppies deserted near my home late at night. Unable to bear their cries for their mother and knowing that they would surely be killed by the neighborhood stray dogs, I rescued them. I never had a pet at home since I live in a cramped house.

Two of the pups died subsequently but the other two survived. Along with my wife we have nurtured these pups for the last 7 months. They are completely home-raised.

My intention was to donate them to some caring family once they are older. I have however been unsuccessful in finding any caring soul.

I brought them up with a lot of love and care and have never punished them. I wish some kind family would adopt them as family pets. I suffer from a physical handicap and it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep two grown-up dogs.

Details of the dogs:

Lapu - a 7 month old female. She is very active and playful. Attached to humans and loves human company and is very inquisitive. She likes to jump and play.

Shapu - a 7 month old male. He is mature and intelligent. Has a lot of dignity and grace. He is
a quiet and very alert dog.

They are healthy and de-wormed and have never fallen sick. They eat normal boiled rice etc. They have never mixed with any street dog after I took them in. They are excellent companions and not aggressive but have a pleasant character. They are like family to me. They are both very obedient. They know the word "NO" and listen to it.

For adoption please contact me on

Indrajit Chakravarty

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