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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pup Shaanti for adoption, Pune

This appeal was forwarded to me recently. The rescuer is Shonita Joshi.

"My friend (Akshay) and I were going along Baner Road when we found a three month old female pup hit by a car twice while crossing the street. She was unable to walk and we took her to Blue Cross Pune the same night. She had a small fracture and a few minor injuries but nothing life-threatening.

We named her "Shaanti" (not the best I know) not only because she's like Deepika of her clan but she was the most co-operative, loving and caring pup ever. While taking her to Blue Cross, though she was in immense pain, she didn't once yelp, try to attack or do anything that made things difficult but instead nestled her head in my lap and kept licking my hand.

At Blue Cross once an injured animal has recovered and is good to go, the animal is put back into the area where he/she was found. Shaanti's stay at the shelter comes to an end in 4 days and we absolutely do not want her on the streets.

If you know of anyone who would like to keep her please do let us know. I know for a fact that she would make a great pet.

We will also provide for her first dose of vaccination, deworming and ensure that she is spayed so that there are no worries as to her being a female.

Kindly contact me on- 7893217707 or Akshay at -9921610883 and please feel free to forward the email.

Appreciate your help sincerely!



PS: Just want to thank Jitesh for being immensely cooperative and calling Blue Cross at midnight and helping us with it all :) Thank you so much!"


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