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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Indy and the Cat - Kim and Mim

Kimaya and MiniPini (aka Mim) are not the best of friends. Except in one place: the kitchen.

A little history: Mini hates dogs, with good reason, having almost got killed by them at the shelter where she used to live earlier.

Since December 2007 she's been living at our Nagaon house with Tabbyrani, with short annual trips to Mumbai for blood tests.

She was never scared of Lalee, Bandra, Lucy or Brownie since they rarely paid any attention to her.

Kimpy is a different story. She was still a boisterous pup when we adopted her, and her idea of fun was chasing and racing, the kind of games cats don't like to play with creatures much bigger than themselves, specially when they're the ones being chased. Rough dog games could easily kill a cat, and Kim is yelled at whenever she tries to start them. Mini is so scared of her she starts hissing and fluffing up as soon as Kim is anywhere close to her, even if Kim isn't doing anything at all.

But - there's a strange transformation in the kitchen of our Nagaon house. It's kind of like a Zone of Universal Love!

The kitchen happens to be Mini's favourite place. If you are one of those odd people who don't like cats trying to trip them up, never step in here. Once in this room Mini has no enemies, and Kimaya becomes her best friend. She purrs and winds between Kimaya's legs, leaning against her affectionately.

Kim is a bit wary on these occasions because she never knows when MiniPini might suddenly have a mood swing and slap her.

Once out the kitchen door, all the love disappears and it's back to normal.

Strange are the ways of cats, specially this cat!


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wandereress said...

:D Funny zone of universal love- the kitchen! !"Once in this room Mini has no enemies, and Kimaya becomes her best friend." Made me smile so much!!