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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mia needs a home urgently - Delhi

An appeal forwarded by Charu Shah:

Mia was abandoned Saturday night in a park in front of my house. I got to know this yesterday. She's been with me since Sunday morning. I came out of my house and found a collared brown puppy being chased by my dogs so I took her in. I would've left her on the road but she's a domesticated dog with soft fur and a fear of cars and two wheelers.

She seems around 3-4 months old. Intelligent, smart, active very friendly (teething) and is always ready to play with other dogs but my dogs are not the perfect ones to play with.

I can't keep her because of my dad and grandparents. Also I would never like a dog being confined to just one room (i.e. mine) with no space whatsoever. A loving home for her would be excellent. Shelter is not an option.

Contact for adoption: 9818944362 or 41720562

Thank you
I appreciate your help

Abhishek Gulshan

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