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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reunions in Canada

I've known for a while about the impressive rescue and adoption work of Canadian Barbara Gard and Delhi vet Dr Premlata Choudhary, but these pictures still amazed me!

These INDogs and INDog-mixes all started life as street pups in Delhi. Thanks to Barbara's NGO Adopt An Indian Desi Dog (AAIDD), they have all been successfully homed in Canada.

In my humble opinion, the owners are as lucky as the dogs. I think all Indy owners would agree.

These desi dog parties took place when Dr Choudhary visited Canada. At one of them more than 20 desi dogs and their owners got together to meet and thank Dr Choudhary for helping save their dogs.

Above: At Ambleside

Above: Olympic Village Dog Park

Above: Olympic Village Dog Park

Above: Mill Lake, Abbotsford

Above: Mill Lake, Abbotsford

Above: Brookswood Dog Park

Above: At Barbara's place

Isn't it just fabulous to see all those happy Indies - not to mention all the doting owners?

"The desis loved meeting each other as they speak the same desi dog play language," says Barbara. "I'm hoping that India will soon become very proud of this heritage dog of theirs."

Barbara and Dr Choudhary, thanks for all you do for our lovely unique Indies!

I feel my dream of desis being sought-after and admired
is beginning to come true...

Photos: Barbara Gard,
Adopt An Indian Desi Dog,

Note: Rupee was one of the dogs adopted through AAIDD. Read his story here.


What Remains Now said...

What a wonderful reunion. I had no idea there were so many INDogs in Canada. How interesting.

Rajashree Khalap said...

There are lots of INDogs and INDog-mixes, most taken there by Barbara and some adopted independently by other Canadians. Sarah O'Neill, Scott Budgell, Andre Brais are three people who have dogs from India. An Indian couple, Swati Chavda and her husband, also took their INDog to Calgary when they moved there.

Sarah said...

Blows me away. I love it so much. :)