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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

INDogs of Usripar

A few more pictures I took in the village Usripar last week. The dogs above were the welcoming committee, greeting our car in the time-honoured INDoggy way! The two in front had finished marking and were walking away; I managed to click the third one with my phone.

The villagers in that region are mostly members of the Gond tribe.

It's always refreshing for me to see the sane behaviour of villagers around dogs, so different from most middle-class urban Indians.

Here's an earlier post in this blog about cynophobia: irrational fear of dogs.

Remind you of anyone you know? The young man trying to hide his alarm when you and your dog walk by; his screeching girlfriend; the child who tries to climb up the side of the elevator when you enter with your dog; the old woman shrinking away; and worst of all, the middle-aged man who rationalizes his fear: the dog may be carrying some deadly disease...

Here's a nice contrast: dogs and people peacefully living together. Fortunately there's more to India than urban India.

Usripar, near Pench Tiger Reserve

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