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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lady Rani needs a forever home

From Sara in Delhi:

This is the story of Lady Rani, a stray desi dog aged between 7 and 9 years, who was living on the streets of Delhi , lucky enough to have survived all these years.

She was staying in a very busy street in South Delhi, fed by good Samaritans passing by and slum dwellers living on that same pavement.

Rani was happy, even if she did not have a shelter on her head, she had freedom and enjoyed watching cars and people passing by.

Till one sad day…It was late in the night, Rani was sleeping in the street as usual, when a speeding car hit her without stopping. Rani was screaming in pain, and 2 animal activists passing by at that very moment rescued her immediately bringing her to an animal shelter nearby.

Rani had a fractured leg, the vet put a bandage on it and decided to keep her in the shelter until she recovered.

She was put in a cage with 2 more dogs. Rani was a wise dog and adjusted to her new environment immediately.

The days were passing and Rani was still in that cage, her leg not healing at all…

I was paying Rani visits regularly and decided to help her as she didn’t seem to be recovering in the shelter. I brought her to my vet who sadly stated that it was too late, her leg would not heal anymore, she had to live with 3 legs for the rest of her life now…

I could not put Rani back in the street, it would have been too dangerous, and didn’t want to bring her to a local shelter to finish her life either…So I decided to foster her until she would find a caring home who would love her for the last years of her life.

Rani is an adorable lady, with a loving personality. She needs contact with humans and she is totally submissive to them.

On the other hand she has a very strong personality and even though she is a small size dog using 3 legs, she would chase away bigger male dogs crossing her way. She is not scared of anything!

When I go to work in the morning she looks into my eyes as she wanted to say:’Please don’t go!’ and when I come back in the evening, she jumps with cries of joy, like I had been her master for years.

Rani has a lot of love to give and needs a lot of love and care in return…

For adoption please contact Sara Casapulla on saracasapulla@yahoo.fr


Rajashree's note: I can vouch for the fact that older dogs make delightful, peaceful and undemanding pets. Please share this appeal and let's try and find Lady Rani a safe corner to spend her last years.

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Sarah said...

I hope someone finds her to be a wonderful fit, Sara. I have had my share of puppies and 'been there, done that'. I am perfectly content with the idea that all my future canine companions will be older or senior dogs. How is she coping with the missing front leg? I know dogs can adapt easily, I've heard more easily for puppies though .. seeing as she is older .. was just curious if she is managing ok.