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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Another happy-ever-after story! Beautiful IND0g-mix Mira was born in Kochi, taken to Delhi and then homed in the US through Knine Rescue.

Here's her story by owner Brittany Powell.

My partner and I had been talking about rescuing a dog for a few years now and kept waiting for the "right time."

I work at an art museum in Baltimore and he is an engineer. We live in the city about two blocks away from my office and there is a small park near our apartment that is always full of dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Every day I would look out of the window of my office and imagine walking a dog in the park, running together, or snuggling with our own dog.

We decided that we definitely wanted to adopt a pet from a rescue group or shelter and we found out about Mira through www.KnineRescue.petfinder.com We were enthralled by the photos of the adorable pups and didn't even realize they had come all the way from India. We worked with Chris Biscardi and after a few days we went to meet Mira and her brother Cappuccino.

With Chris Biscardi of the rescue organization

We fell in love with Mira instantly! She was super-energetic and at 12 weeks old she was very sweet and playful. She is the runt from her litter so she was a bit smaller and skinnier than her brother Cappaccino. But she is getting bigger everyday.

We didn't think that we would be taking a puppy home that same day and were not prepared. We walked into a nearby PetSmart carrying our new pup and said, "We need EVERYTHING!" The staff were super helpful and even gave us some tips on crate training, teething, and helping her to learn to walk on a leash.

Mira is a very fast learner and after just 24 hours she was getting used to walking on her leash, the sounds and smells of the city, and crate training.

Since I work so close to our apartment I am able to go home at lunch and take Mira for a walk and play for a bit.

About a week later she was totally crate trained and even started letting us know when she needs to go out by sitting by the door. At first she would bark or yelp when we would crate her, but now she knows that we are never going for long.

She already knows how to "sit" and we are working on other commands like "stay" and "come".

She is very very bright and we are thinking about working on training her to be a therapy dog. Dogs must be at least a year old to take the test, which consists of several commands and behaviour observation, but we think that she has what it takes to volunteer with Therapy Dogs International.

Mira is still a puppy and every day she is learning and growing, but she is also very sweet and loves to snuggle on the sofa or play with a toy.

She has been wonderful around other dogs of all sizes, adults/strangers who want to say "hi", and even children as young as three years old!

She also gets along great with our seven year old cat. She will snuggle on our sofa with my partner and the cat to take a nap!

She is certainly everything we'd hoped for and we are so excited that we were able to be a part of rescuing her. We love her very much and look forward to lots of exploring and new memories with her in the years to come.

Text and photos: Brittany Powell


Chris Biscardi said...

YAY! Love the happy tail!

- Chris , Prez of KRI.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hello Chris, sorry I spelled your name wrong, have corrected it! Glad to know some pups from India have found lovely homes through your efforts. Thanks for the great work you do for homeless dogs!

Lubna said...

Mira has the same eyes, wet black nose and the same temperament as my Poochie (Poochie only had a tad lighter shade of fur). Brittany is so lucky to have found Mira and Mira is so lucky to have such a loving human family.