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Sunday, December 4, 2011


This extremely sweet puppy with extremely large ears (and eyes) lives in Bangalore with owner Rheea Mukherjee.

For those who don't speak any Indian languages, her name means "lemon."

Nimbu was adopted from a rescue organization.

"I wanted to adopt an Indian pup since it made the most logical and emotional sense," says Rheea. "Once I made the decision to have a dog in the house, I knew I should adopt one. There are so many on the streets, it was time to take a step and make sure a pup got a safe home."

Nimbu is now three and a half months old and has got chubbier since her adoption three weeks ago. Look at those beautiful INDog eyes! She's going to be stunning when she grows up.

Photos: Rheea Mukherjee


carazy. said...

she is so gorgeous! I am smitten.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Doesn't she look a lot like Kiba in the first two pictures? In the others of course she looks much more angelic and doe-eyed!

rheea said...

Thank you for the compliment. She will be happy to know ;)

Stuti said...

She is so damn cute..!!... ^_^ ..
I cant help looking at her third picture again and again..!!..

Rheea..!!.. do me a favor..!!.. please give her a big kiss ryt in between of those eyes..!!...

She is so cute...!!... ^_^