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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kimaya in winter tee


Not a very elegant garment, this bulky tee, but it was really chilly in Nagaon on our last trip and the dogs needed clothes at night and early morning. Kimaya looks almost fat in this, but she manages to run gracefully as always.

The long-leggitty puppy at the end of the video is young Kiba, who grows taller every second. Like bamboo, Kiran says.

Readers in Canada and Siberia and other freezing places are probably laughing their heads off at our idea of 'chilly'! Well, Mumbai dropped to 9 degrees C a couple of weeks back, and Nagaon must have been lower, and that's miserably cold for me!

Coming up soon: a photo of Kiba in an awful winter coat.


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