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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samson and Achilles: an epic tale

I realize I've only posted one story in this blog this year. People probably think I've abandoned it! Sorry about that. I've hardly had any online time lately, thanks to a number of new duties including Kiba's care and education. More on that in another post.

So here we are back again with two beautiful Indy-mix dogs!

One of them featured in this blog a year ago:
Samson the Hero. And here's a video, Samson in winter.

The second hero, gorgeous red-gold Achilles, appeared at the end of last year, again in Pune. And like Samson his fortunes changed when he met Lee and Kristin.

"Samson and Achilles were found (or each found us) within three meters of each other, two years separate in time," writes Lee.

Achilles made the journey to Minneapolis in December '11 and quickly settled down with his new 'siblings', Samson and the family cats.

Some pictures and videos to tell his story:

Above: Pune - just after rescue and a bath

Above: In Minneapolis. Look at that wagging tail!

Above, below: After a couple of days, the two become friends...

Above: With Samson on the day bed

Above: Achilles looking sweet and innocent in sleep. Apparently this appearance is highly deceptive (so often is with dogs...)

Looking forward to more updates about these two!

Photos and videos: Lee Sverkerson


Animal_lovers_voice said...


I needed to know how did they manage to take achilles from Pune to US... I have asked a lot of people about migrating dogs from India to abroad but everyone has been telling mew that the US govt does not allow... even if the dogs are vaccinated and stuff.. More info on this would really help.

You see i have two dogs and a major part of the decision about I moving to US would depend on the fact if i can move them there...

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi, it's absolute nonsense that the US govt doesn't allow dogs to be taken from India. If you look through the posts in this blog you'll see many about dogs that have been taken to the US, also Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, even Japan. This is an organization that can help you http://www.petvacations.in/pet_relocation.php Otherwise please post a query in our INDog Club page on Facebook, lots of people will advise you. I have some emails on the topic from people who have taken dogs abroad so if you give me your email ID I can forward them to you.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Animal_lovers_voice, the owner Lee Sverkerson sent this reply to your query:
Lee here: We brought Samson and Achilles from India to USA on the occasion of two separate trips. There is no restriction of a healthy pet dog coming to US from India. No quarantine when a healthy dog arrives in US. Samson came to us on Delta Airlines cargo. He was very ill when we found him and had to stay behind in Pune until he was well enough to travel. Achilles was quite healthy though he had a couple of wounds that were pretty much healing up. He came with us as 'extra baggage'. We just paid for his travel on our flight as if we had an extra piece of luggage. Check 'Center for Disease Control' which is the US Governmental agency which makes the regulations for importing animals. Go specifically to 'dogs' on that site. Airlines themselves have their own policies for carrying animals so check and coordinate with your airline. Start ahead of time and get from your veterinarian a 'Certificate of health'. Make sure that you have documentation of all necessary vaccinations (rabies etc) and check ups and statements that the dog shows no evidence of disease (screw worm etc.). It really is not very much. It sounds more difficult than it is. Samson and Achilles breezed through customs in the US. We never got through quicker than we did when Achilles flew with us. The airline apparently sent word ahead that there was a live animal on the flight. A customs agent was there specifically to meet us, see that things were in order and get us through quickly. There may be those in the Indian agencies that would like you to think that you need to pay them to get through, make things possible for you. It can be done without that. Deal with your veterinarian, the airline directly and you will be fine. If the dogs are flying 'cargo' on a flight unaccompanied by you then deal with the cargo agency that the airline works with directly (Delta Cargo for example on the Delta site). The airline itself will assist you in getting through the agents they work with. See this: http://www.pettravel.com/airline_pet_rules/delta.cfm Note the temperature restrictions. Airlines won't fly your animal when it is extremely hot or extremely cold at any point on the journey. This is for the safety of the animal. This is not a difficult proposition though you will feel some stress about it. That's inevitable. Once you're through it's a huge relief, and you'll have your beloved pets with you. Priceless! All the best, Lee

Animal_lovers_voice said...

Thanks a ton for all that info guys!!!!!