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Monday, March 5, 2012

Manipur INDog and dogs of Nagaland

Some glimpses of dogs from North-East India, clicked by Gautam Das on his recent trip there.

Above: The Manipur INDog is a slightly thicker-coated INDog version, obviously because of the colder winters there. It has a rather Shiba Inu-like face.

Above, below: 'Naga Chow', being reared by a family probably for eating. These dogs all have a broader head and face than the normal INDog. Some have rounded ear tips. Those in high areas (over 5000 ft) have thick soft coats.

A particular set of Naga communities traditionally kills and eats dogs during the festival 'Sekrenyi genna'.

Above: Naga Chow-cross, shorter-legged than the typical Naga Chow. The coat is typical of a higher elevation Naga Chow.

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For more INDog images from NE India, see On the banks of the Brahmaputra, by Jayanta Chaudhuri.

Photos and captions: Gautam Das
Nagaland, Manipur

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