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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

INDog summer

LOTS of pictures from two trips to Nagaon last month. 

On the first trip (early May) Kiba made his debut on the beach. Another milestone was 'being off-leash in a public place for the first time'. 

Kiba doesn't like getting his paws wet and hates to even step on dewy grass. As a tiny pup he used to jump carefully from one stepping stone to another on our lawn. As for paw-washing after his walks... he still lets out deafening yells every single time, though he's been going through this 'torture' for six months now. My right ear drum is beginning to feel funny.

So we didn't really expect him to like the sea, and on the first day he didn't. But of course he loved the beach, as any normal dog would. 

Off-leash for the first time - but I kept the leash on him so we could grab him easily

One of those spectacular Nagaon sunsets

On the second trip a fortnight later he gave me a surprise. Bounded into the sea, splashed around, jumped over the waves with Kimaya, everything. Perhaps he enjoyed the water because of the hot weather? 

Baths and paw-washing continue to be a torture (for me and my right ear drum particularly), but the Arabian Sea is now one of his favourite places.
This would have been a nice pic if...

The garden's not bad either. The Gulmohar is in full bloom. Kiba poses prettily among the fallen petals.  

Asleep, finally. Kimaya's collar and harness had to be scrubbed with detergent because she'd rolled on some disgusting old thing (ancient rodent remains/rotting fish?) We had to scrub her too, with a strong neem soap.


wandereress said...

Lovely pictures Rajashree! Kiba is bigger than Kimpy already!!! :)

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks! Well he's 8.5 months and will still grow some :-) And she was always a little girl.