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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kama Dog of Guam

Handsome Kama Dog was a free-ranging dog in Guam before he was adopted by Stephanie Serson. 

Guam, like many other islands, had no domestic dogs originally. They were introduced in relatively recent times by the Spanish. So unlike INDogs, Canaan Dogs and other Asian and African pariah dogs, the Guam street dogs are not aboriginal and indigenous, but must be descended from dogs of many breeds - presumably Eurobreeds since they were originally brought there by Europeans. 

The fascinating thing is that even dogs of such mixed ancestry start 'reverting' to a pariah kind of appearance after several generations of free living and breeding. Obviously the LTPM is the appearance most suited for dogs in the ecological niche of scavenging around humans.

Here's Kama Dog's touching rescue story, sent in by Stephanie along with these beautiful pictures.

'I was living in Guam when I found Kama, my mongrel dog. I was stopped at a red light when he and two other free-ranging dogs crossed the road. They headed to a vacant lot between a BBQ pit and gas station. I pulled in and was able to lure him into my car with a siopao. He was about 5 months at the time and quite timid.

'I took him to the local shelter where he sat for two weeks, never got adopted because he doesn't look like a "pure bred" (which is very popular on the island). They were going to euthanize him to make room for other dogs, but in the two weeks he had been in the shelter I had worked with him so much and he had come so far socially I couldn't let him die. So I took him home and it was the best decision ever.

'We have moved back to the States and Kama came with us. Flying over the Pacific and getting stuck in Houston, Tx because of a hurricane, and finally landing safely in Boston, Ma. Just last month he joined us on a cross-country journey to our new home in California.

'I fell in love with the feral mongrels of Guam and laugh when people guess what breed he is. I tease people and say he is a Chamorro Sporting Hound, Guamanian Water Dog, or a Zorie Retriever. When I am met with quizzical looks I let people know he is a mutt.'

Story and photos: Stephanie Serson
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