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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Anamika Rawal wrote in about her lovely pup Enna, adopted in Mumbai some months ago:

On March 31 on my way home from shopping, I met a friend and stopped to chat. 

Suddenly I realized something was going around my feet. And guess what - five or six cuties were playing on my feet, jumping. One was pulling my shoelace!! 

I can't describe how cute they were, and how tiny, hardly 30 days old. 

I was so excited I called my fiance to come and see the pups. His office is nearby. And I was so surprised when he immediately picked up one of the pups for me. Surprised because he never liked dogs, but he gave me this beautiful innocent creature. And he is madly in love with the puppy now!

We call her Enna. She's highly intelligent. I had a labrador and pomeranian in the past, but what they took six months to learn, Enna had done by 4 months. She's lovely, her energy level is incredible, she's super-alert, her patience is remarkable - although a little less than a labrador, yet she's much more patient than most dogs. She's joyful and playful, and so innocent she thinks all my visitors come home just to play with her!


Text and photos: Anamika Rawal

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