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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Native dogs of Myanmar

These gorgeous pictures were clicked by Jura Cullen on Ngapali Beach, Myanmar. Thanks for letting me post them, Jura!

'I was in Burma a few months ago where I saw some lovely pariah dogs who generally seemed quite loved and well cared for. This lovely one - affiliated with a little restaurant - adopted us whenever we were on the beach.'

More dog pictures in this slideshow in Jura's blog.

This seems the typical village dog lifestyle one sees in India and other parts of Asia. Dogs have their own territories, are often befriended by humans there, and are often pets, but they roam and breed without restriction.

Have you seen Jura's pictures of her own stunning pariah dog Tala? Tala was adopted in Sudan but now lives with her owners in Hanoi. Here's a post in this blog about her. And many more in Jura's blog (link at the bottom of this post.) 

Photos: Jura Cullen

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm from Burma. and Umm. there are a couple more breeds here such as the Chin Dog or the In dog. The In-dog is not the Indian pariah dog you guys mentioned. Its a kinda guard dog from burma. :)
Oh. and for the Mongrels as you guys call umm.. I have one GSD-Golden Retriever mix. He's a great dog and pretty hardy.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi, nice to hear about Burmese native breeds :) This post is about aboriginal dogs, not breeds developed by artificial selection. We have more than 20 created breeds in India but this blog is only about the naturally selected one. Could you send some literature and photos of Burmese breeds? I'd love to know more about them.

INDog is what many of us call the Indian Native Dog/Indian Pariah Dog. It's an abbreviation. Interesting that there is dog with a similar name in Burma. But since 'dog' is an English word, the real name is probably 'In' followed by the Burmese word for dog?