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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Walking on water

Nagaon beach last saturday evening. We all got drenched because this lovely sunlight was interrupted by sudden showers - three times - but the dogs had half an hour of fun anyway! And we got to see this surreal merger of sky, water, sand and dogs. 

Can you see the rainbow? It became a complete circle soon after this, and we had the strange feeling of walking through it!

And see those specks in the distance? That's something a bit uglier: a crowd of noisy tourists. This year there are tourists even at this season, at least on weekends. Last monsoon we had the beach all to ourselves...This lot were playing cricket (a common tourist activity here, actually). I find it funny that people want to do that on a beach, instead of swimming or walking or just looking at the sea. But that's just my opinion. They really didn't bother us that far away.

Clicked with my phone!

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georgia little pea said...

Clicked with your phone! Amazing! and a great way for me to wake up. I had to enlarge to see the little specks which I assume are the tourists. Been to Bondi lately? BOL.

Have a great weekend! :) X

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks Georgia's h! My phone is a better photographer than I am ;) Those little specks were pretty large in real life...grumble grumble
I did go to Bondi and Cronulla years ago, and know what you mean...but Nagaon is a village :( It's soon going to be like Goa :( :(

Lubna said...

Beautiful photographs. How are the doggies and the kitties.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks, they're all well Lubna!