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Monday, December 10, 2012

LittleDog Brand

Cute INDog-mix LittleDog belongs to Dominique Brand.

"My husband and I are British, recently moved to Kolkata and before we knew it we had rescued a little Indian street dog," writes Dominique. "He was about six weeks old but weighed only a kilo. His five other litter mates all died. He had over 300 ticks and was covered in fleas. He was so weak he could hardly stand." 

"This is from when he was 13 weeks old (roughly) and thriving. He's very clever and is learning new things every day with training. He has become a local celebrity in our neighbourhood with his training tricks."

Little Dog's mother is a very shy dog who lives on the street near the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. LittleDog has the same colouring as her and his grandmother. The dogs are fed by a kind lady every day.

LittleDog's mother

This is his grandmother below.

"I thought I would show you a photo of me with my human mummy out in the rain in Kolkata. I hate the rain and prefer to shelter under the umbrella...although my humans tell me that I should try to get used to it...I think they'd like me to play in the water but there's a fat chance of that! He he!"

On his recent trip to Darjeeling. Here he is on the train from Kolkata to Darjeeling. "He coped remarkably well with the chaos, but is looking a little worried in this photo, in case he misses out getting a few crisps from me!"

"LittleDog enjoying romping around off the lead for the first time ever, on the river banks (in the valley bordering Sikkim). He never gets to run around off the lead in Kolkata because there are just too many dogs and jackals which are very territorial on the golf course. As you can see, he loved it!"

Another from LittleDog's North Bengal holiday album. "Since he hates water he needed a little biscuit as an incentive to jump across this tiny stream!"

LittleDog will soon make another journey: he is shifting to Thailand with his human family next month.  Looking forward to posting about his adventures there!

Photos: Dominique Brand


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