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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rowdy had to be taught a lesson

Hello again, do I have any readers left? If you've all gone away I really can't blame you! I won't bother apologizing for the long gap because there will probably be more such gaps.

This time I'm doing what I should do all the time: post in my blog first and the FB page later. 

So here's an update from us about a skirmish we were recently involved in. Don't worry, no-one was hurt even a little bit, though Somebody's ego was a probably bit bruised. It looks like bullying just from the pictures, but it wasn't. Please read this short history first. 

Rowdy is a young dog belonging to Brownie's family. He's about Kiba's age but bigger and stronger. I've forgotten his real name but 'Rowdy' is quite appropriate. They're a large family of seven dogs all owned by a neighbour of ours in Nagaon. 

Now Rowdy is a very nice dog around humans but a big bully whenever Kiba arrives on the beach. He used to rush at Kiba snarling and I'm sure he would have bitten my poor boy many times if Kimaya and I hadn't got in between. Kiba is the bossy type himself and may have provoked Rowdy some time in the past, but lately the mere sight of him has been enough to make him cower and start slinking away.

The problem is, Rowdy and Brownie have become best friends and roam around together. Unlike their other family members who quietly go home when Brownie tells them to, Rowdy never leaves Brownie's side. So every time Brownie trots across the beach to meet us, Rowdy comes too. And then Kimaya and I have to run around Kiba 'blocking' Rowdy. Kiba stands still while we, his bodyguards, run around defending him. Brownie does his bit by chasing Rowdy and trying to discipline him, but Rowdy never learned anything...till now.

So, over to the pictures. I've never clicked any before because I was too busy protecting Kiba, but it was clear this time that he didn't need my protection.

That's Rowdy rushing at Kiba

From left to right: Brownie, Kiba, Kimaya and Rowdy. Kimaya gets between Kiba and Rowdy.

Watch out Rowdy! 
Kiba is bold because of Brownie's and Kimaya's support...Rowdy realizes the worm has turned...
Brave Kimaya rushes into the centre, snapping and warning Rowdy to stay away from Kiba.
I feel sorry for Rowdy, but really something had to be done. 

After teaching Rowdy this lesson, all four (Kiba, Kimaya, Brownie and Rowdy) went wandering off together, as if they'd all been great friends from the start. You can see Rowdy going over the rocks into the wooded strip next to the beach. Lots of dirty tourists leave food and plastic trash there, a delightful sight for the dogs and a disgusting one for me.

When I caught up with them I took my dogs home, accompanied by Brownie who usually comes over for dinner. We couldn't invite Rowdy in because he's probably a menace to cats. So I left him at the gate with a nice treat for consolation. 

And here's a picture of Rowdy's father. He was a big bully too. You can read about him in our last update. 

Now we'll have to wait and see whether Rowdy remembers his lesson when we meet him next, or whether Kimaya will have to teach him all over again!

I have some more pictures of Kiba's interactions with other dogs but I'll save them for another post. Coming soon, yes really!


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georgia little pea said...

I remember you LOL! I wish someone would teach the fluffy white littledog that is temporarily staying next door some manners. Maybe I can borrow Kimaya! He growls, snaps and lunges at every dog including Georgia who, as we all know, isn't really a Little Pea. Georgia's pinned him down a couple of times but he's still doing it sigh sigh sigh. Does the owner care? Guess!

What is it about tourists and garbage? We've been getting a lot of visitors from other suburbs lately who like to picnic in our waterfront parks and fish, and then leave their leftovers, bait and hooks behind in the park and water. Georgia swallowed a hook a few weeks back. I want to do bad things to those people!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hello GLP's human :) :)

Leaving hooks is just CRIMINAL. Hope Georgia is okay - I have to catch up on her news soon! I've made a resolution to do all the pending blog posts this week. I like my blog so much better than FB!