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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Montagues and Capulets

Finally got time to post this update on Rowdy, Kiba and Kimaya. If you've forgotten the earlier part of this saga, please read this post Rowdy had to be taught a lesson.

So on our next visit it seemed for a moment that Rowdy had forgotten his lesson. He came running towards us showing a fine set of teeth. This time his mentor and family member Brownie rushed at him growling, and Rowdy instantly rolled over. Kimaya and Brownie stood over him for a few minutes. I didn't want to click Rowdy in his moment of humiliation, so there are no pics. 

After that Rowdy scrambled up and ran away. He didn't come anywhere near us on our subsequent beach walks. To add to his humiliation Kimaya and Kiba would see him in the distance and run at him to chase him away.

This week things were a bit different because most of his gang were on the beach. Brownie is the leader (of course), but his gang membership is complicated because he's also on our side. There was Rowdy's father Brindlebrown, who came to this beach in 2011 and stayed on. Then there was Rowdy's dark sister Krishna. His pale sister Parvati wasn't on the beach that day.

Above: The K Gang (Kimaya, Kiba) saw the Rowdy Gang and realized at once that they were outnumbered. Dogs can count pretty well I think. Displaying typical INDog intelligence and survival instinct, the K gang took to their heels. See those specks in the distance? That's them. Waiting and watching. In the foreground are Rowdy, Brownie scratching, and Brindlebrown.

The Rowdy gang trotted towards them...Krishna the dark sister hurrying to catch up.

Then they paused to consider their next step. That weird shadow is me going click click click.

The next step was a Gang Howl. Why? No idea.

The K Gang kept their distance, but their tails were up. Nobody was scared.

The Gangs meeting! Kimaya was quite confident, Kiba was a bit cautious.

Kimaya on the left, Kiba behind a short distance away. Brownie was there, so no cause for alarm.

The parley...

Kiba was surrounded and examined. I would have been a bit nervous at this point, but I knew Brownie wouldn't let anything nasty happen to my stupid little dog.

The parley over, they all went their separate ways.

Kiba, Brownie, Rowdy. As if nothing had happened. 

There is a final chapter to this story, about the ingratitude of the K Gang. 

You'd think Kiba and Kimaya would be thankful to Brownie for saving them again and again from Rowdy and the others. It's only because of Brownie that we had a parley and not a bloodbath. 

But no. When Brownie comes home with us for dinner Kiba barks at him and challenges him continuously. Kimaya does nothing to stop him and sometimes she even makes hostile faces at poor Brownie, her former best friend. 

Brownie has now got sick of the whole thing. He doesn't always come home with us in the evenings. If he does come he eats his dinner quickly and then goes to the gate and asks to be taken home. 

I have to figure out what to do about this on our next trip. I hate not having Brownie in the house.

Nagaon beach

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