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Friday, April 26, 2013

Travels with Tommy

Monique and Tommy have been in Europe for some time now, travelling in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and the UK. Here are a few pics from Monique's album. Enjoy the dog's-eye view of Europe!

Read about Tommy in these earlier posts: Tommy, Canine Good Citizen, INDog Tommy is now a Therapy Dog, Tommy at agility school.

On the way to France - a 10 hour flight. 
                                               Mommy can we get off now?

First day in Europe, at Villefranche-sur-mer. That's where INDog Rani lives!

A French cafe, INDoggy-eye level

Montfort L'Amaury
A French forest
Old town, Nice
David Niven's house, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

The Casino, Monte Carlo
Outside Prince Albert's Palace, Monaco, on a hot day!
On a bus going up to the Alps
Tommy's first encounter with snow! In Switzerland.
Ferry crossing from France to England
Finally I can run! First English beach.

Photos: Monique G Nerman
France, Switzerland, England

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Rajashree can you pass this on to the owners? Lovely pics of your dog traveling in Europe. May I ask how he was able to travel in the cabin of a plane!!?? I ask this enviously as I would love to do this rather than Tala go in the hold!

Many thanks! Jura

georgia little pea said...

Do I think Tommy is having a very good life? YES YES YES! :D When I see pictures of dogs in public places and on public transport in Europe, I get very jealous. We're so behind in dog friendly places in Oz. I'm surprised that Tommy was able to get a seat on the plane though. He seems bigger than the allowed size. (I always think chihuahuas and dachshunds.) Poor Georgia will always have to travel as cargo ;)

Rajashree Khalap said...

Tommy just got lucky I believe!

GLP's human, India is WAY behind Oz in dog friendliness :(

Jura, I'll ask Monique to respond to your question. Hope Tala is well :)

imagesbelow said...

Hi Everyone!
Sorry to disappoint everyone, traveling in-cabin is only allowed for servce dogs, ESA (emotional support animal - this usually only applies in the USA) and guide dogs.
If the dog is smaller than 12 pounds, then it can travel in the cabin. We were very lucky to meet an airline representative who was impressed with Tommy and his Therapy Dog work, and let him travel in the cabin! However, it was very stressful for him in the cabin. He is also an ESA dog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monique!

I was so impressed with Tommy and his travels. I am curious to know though if you had any issues getting him into the different countries with the quarantine rules et al.

-- Lalita, Bangalore, India