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Saturday, June 29, 2013


This handsome young INDog-mix belongs to Lalita Iyer. I love his pale eyes and serious expression!

Lalita shared his story and photos:

Momo before adoption

Momo is our six-month old INDog-mix male. We adopted him over a month ago from CUPA in Bangalore. He was rescued by a good samaritan at four months when he had his leg injured in a car hit. 

He is all fine now and as naughty and active as a six-month old should be.

He has an extremely affable personality...loves to play with everyone, people and dogs!

Momo with his friend Kariya, a free-roamer who stays part-time at in my brother's compound

He doesn't bark much...though when he does he has a lovely deep-throated bark. However this makes him just perfect for apartment living! He has absolutely turned our lives around and we cannot imagine how we ever survived before he came into them! He is indeed a true blessing. 

Photos and text: Lalita Iyer

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Brocoly turns five

Brocoly made her first appearance in this blog early last year. Read her adoption story here.

This beauty recently turned five and we are celebrating with some cute photos sent in by Tursha. Enjoy!

Photos: Tursha Sarkar

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Puru and Roshni

Remember pretty INDog-mix Roshni who was adopted in Hyderabad by Minna Lintu? 
They live in Delhi now, and Roshni has a baby 'brother', cute little black-and-white  

   Minna sent in his story:

Last day of January I woke up around 4 in the morning to the cries of a puppy somewhere outside our gate. Naturally I went out to investigate and found a fat little black and white puppy behind a concrete slab leaning on the neighbour's wall. There were no other dogs in the area at the time so despite his growling protests I picked him up and brought him inside to meet a not very surprised hubby. "Look what I found" I told him and he gave the puppy and me one look and said, "No matter how much you try to deny it, I know he's not going anywhere any time soon." Or something along those lines. I of course tried to argue that we'd put him up for adoption once he got better, but he just rolled his eyes and tried to hide a knowing smile.

I sent Roshni off to the bedroom as she was eyeing him like he was breakfast. I made him a temporary bed on the hall floor next to us. The puppy cried every time he moved, was moved, picked up or tried to change sides, but fell asleep once I had given him a mixture of milk and a little bread. After a visit to the vet to check what exactly was injured since he didn't have any wounds on him, we found out it was just a muscle injury and he would heal in a couple of weeks. On the second visit the vet asked if we were going to put him up for adoption to which I evasively answered that we had already given him a name...and again I got a knowing smile. From both the vet and the hubby.

Puru (as we had decided to name him) was on antibiotics and painkillers for a week and kept away from Roshni, as she had no intention of letting us keep a rat like that in the house. His leg healed up and once he started using it properly, we started introducing the dogs to each other. At first it was for 10-15 minutes each time, just to get Roshni to understand that Puru really was not a chew toy or a nice little snack for her. Today they play together, beg for snacks together and bark at the neighbours together. They even sleep next to each other on occasion. They however can't eat together as of yet, as Puru is fiercely protective of his food (not towards us, just towards Roshni) and once he is done, he shoots off towards Roshni's bowl and simply bullies her away from it. So they are separated during feeding by a bolted door.


Finally on the same blanket

Puru is intelligent just like Roshni, but a quicker student when learning tricks, probably because he really enjoys any activity that involves treats - Roshni is more discerning over what she will do for a treat. He already knows basic commands but has also mastered gathering dog bowls and bringing them for a treat. So well, in fact, that he gathers everything he finds on the floor or can steal from the table and brings it to either of us in the hopes of a treat. Leave your shoe unattended and he will sneak off with it, do a round around the table and then present it to you proudly.

Judging by his paws and general build he may grow to be quite a bit bigger than Roshni and he's already almost as tall as she is. I have no idea who his parents are and where he came from, but I suspect he was dropped off at our street in the night due to his injury. Neither of us had seen any puppies up to that day, but I do remember seeing a trio of similarly coloured dogs on the street next to us some months ago so maybe he just got lost. 

We'll never know I guess. We're just happy that I woke up to his cries and that Roshni had the good sense to accept him into our little family.

Text and photos: Minna Lintu
New Delhi

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