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Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've been admiring Bhuku for a long time on our Facebook page. She's a beautiful Kolkata INDog owned by Arup Chatterjee and his family. Lots of funny expressions and of course those gorgeous INDog ears! I asked Arup for some more photos of her. And here they are, along with her adoption story: 

My wife and son rescued a street puppy that someone left in front of our gate. She was extremely ill. Almost paralyzed and could not stand up or even raise her head to eat any food. We started treating her. After seven days she could stand up a little. And with continued treatment she is fit and fine.

She is extremely naughty and playful. She runs with such speed it always amazes us (we didn't think she'd ever be able to even stand!) Loves to eat and play.

The way she greets me when I return home from work fills my heart with joy. She is like the daughter to us that we never had.

We named her 'Bhuku' - seems strange? The reason is when she was small she used to bark with that sound, 'bhuk bhuk' - so the name!

Photos and text: Arup Chatterjee

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rochelle said...

she is BEAUTIFUL!!! such a star :)

Kiran Khalap said...

Total character:-)

Anonymous said...

you are such a wonderful person. May God bless you. street Dogs are real angels and if the world is full of people like you, every street Dog will find a home called heaven.