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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To Lucky, with love

Stuti Jain's touching tribute to a beloved family member

This is about my little brother Lucky. He is no longer with me now...but he will be in my heart forever. 

He was by my side when my human best friends left me alone...His licking my face, the wag of his tail, his bark made me feel happy about my life during some bad days. I guess all dogs are cute but Lucky was the most handsome dog I ever came across. He had the cutest and most innocent face a dog can ever have. But his acts were not that innocent (!) Once he ate the shoe of a guest who came for dinner to our place. He ate almost everything, from curtains to my expensive shoes to chair legs...everything. He had those chewing toys but he was rarely interested in playing with them. He just loved spoiling things in his free time. It was tough to punish him because of the guilty look he gave afterwards.

My brother and I rescued him from a street near my house after he and his mother got hit in an accident. His mother was dead by the time we noticed them. We kept the pup with us. He was the most pampered child of our family. And of all the members of our family, he was closest to me. He never left me alone. My brother used to call him 'didi's tail' because he always followed me. No-one had the guts to yell at me when he was around!

He was a cute spoiled brat...my favourite little guy!

Five or six years ago I was seriously ill and in bed rest for almost five months. I remember he never left me alone all that time. He slept in my room throughout. I had a problem related to my digestive system, so my appetite was very poor. Normally he never missed his meals for anybody. He was a big foodie and simply loved milk and malai kulfi! He used to bark like crazy whenever the kulfiwala passed our colony. But during my illness he would only eat after I had eaten. That was a good blackmailing tactic for my mom and dad to make me eat my food!

He always slept with his head on my lap, like this.

My parents used to tell my Lucky stopped eating after I moved to Hyderabad for further studies. I'm living in a hostel so it was not possible to bring him with me. I thought he would be okay in a few days. This was not the first time that he was grieving in my absence. He did the same thing when my brother went to a hostel. But he was back to normal in a week or so. But this time it was not normal. I should be happy to be one of those few lucky people on earth who come across such true friends - but instead I am sad because his devotion to me was the cause of his death...

My parents didn't tell me about his death for one month. They knew it would disturb me. And yes, they were right. It's like I have lost my little brother. He was always there when I needed a friend. I regret not being with him when he needed me the most.

No human can ever love anybody as dogs do. Dogs are the best creation of god. I don't know if anyone can ever take the place Lucky had in my life. I'm sure nobody can ever love me and care for me as he did.

Stuti Jain

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Abhinav said...

Heart touching and made me miss "doffee" like anything... Just like you have a lil brother i have a lil sister :)

Mridul Dwivedi said...

Hi Stuti, I am touched with your story....I also have pariah dog and i can relate to everything you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing such a touching story !!!

Kahkashan Sheikh said...

This article has brought me a step closer to dogs...I have never got the opportunity to know them well!!!

Lee Sverkerson said...

Dear Stuti,

I think Lucky left somthing behind with you. His Heart and His Love. For that I think YOU are Lucky.

Samson, Achilles and I are hoping your sense of loss lessens and that your memories stay forever. Maybe there's another 'Lucky' out there waiting for you.

My condolences,

reena vashistha said...

Nice story buddy! I am also Pet lover I always follow to pet lovers blogs. like your blog i found one blog at http://indianpetstore.wordpress.com he also do same like you

Kiran Khalap said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful!

xxsquirrelxx said...

I happen to have a female dog named the same and you know what, shes exactly the same in almost every way youve described your dog. My Lucky is two years old and she was rescued from the street at a stage when every baby should be with their mother. She didnt know where she was too, fortunately we saw her and we are extremely happy with her and we named her so because the moment she came to us, she brought us luck. Thanks for your post, it shows that there are people who still have a heart amongst a lot who are else minded. God Bless You.

Lisa said...

Lucky was lucky to have found such a loving forever home. The pain of loosing him won't ever go away but will change. I can not imagine what it will feel like when Ruby goes to be with God.

She is my Indian pup from Hyderabad. we now live in the US and I think she is about 8 years old - hoping to have many years ahead of us.