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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Buddy Subramanian

Happy golden INDog-mix Buddy lives in Bhopal with his adoring family, the Subramanians. (This is the second Buddy on this blog: not our friend Buddy in Mumbai).

Aarti tells us how her parents came to adopt this cute little furball:

'On 25 December 2012 he had somehow crawled through our gate and was found below our car in the porch area. He was about ten or twelve days old with his eyes partially open, very weak and injured in many places. My parents looked around for his mother or siblings for some time. Unable to trace anyone, they tried to keep him warm (it was 5 degrees) and feed him milk. But he was too small and weak to even lick milk from my dad's finger. 

'Although dad had wanted a pet since we lost our beloved dog Notty, mom was reluctant to adopt at that time because she was still struggling to cope with Notty's loss. For around two days they kept a constant check on the pup from our office on the main road. But then he kept crawling towards the main road again and again. Seeing this my mom couldn't help crying out of fear that he would get run over by some ruthless driver. And she looked towards dad...and dad instantly got up from his chair, took a carton from the shelf, and the pup was adopted!

'Since all of this happened on Christmas Eve I believe he was a gift from Santa. So after doing some research on "Christmas names for pets" I chose "Buddy - the welcome messenger". 

'He's a sweetheart and a charmer. I recently got married and my hubby was not a dog-friendly person...but Buddy managed to win him over. And now my hubby Gokul sees to it that we skype with Buddy once a week; and he wants to travel to Bhopal and spend time with him!'

With Gokul: 'Please come and play with me' 

Photos and text: Aarti Gokul & Subramanian family

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Mani said...

Wish our Buddy could read this article about himself!!! Thanks a ton!

Warm regards to all animal lovers,
Mani, Geeta, Gokul & Aarti.

Shanivi S said...

God bless Buddy and his family.