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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chocos, Jelly and Vanilla


Some more photos of Vandana's beautiful INDog family in Palakkad, Kerala: Chocos and her daughters Jelly and Vanilla. Earlier blog posts about the girls here and here.

I love reading Vandana's updates about them. 'When it's really hot, Chocos rolls around in mud and walks around like a swamp monster...sometimes she turns into a swamp monster when she goes fishing. When our canal is dry and muddy, there will be puddles in it with small fish and crabs...She loves herding cattle whenever they pass through her territory and she's always making rounds to see if there are intruders.'

Above: 'Chocos in one of her cosy holes.'
(Check this other post about two digging Indies, Shalini and Somu!)

Above: 'Vanilla having breakfast next to some of her favourite things, an old cup, the cloth we dry them with after a bath, and a coconut. All three of them keep their things in a kind of pile.'

Jelly eating her breakfast

Above: the sleeping sisters. Vanilla and Jelly like to spend more time in the house than their mother, no doubt because they were born as house pets. After playing and exploring they come right back inside.


As Vandana says, 'it's like they're custom made for human society but they still have their wild side intact'. Or as I like to call it, their free-roaming, village dog side.

Photos and text: Vandana SB


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Prasenjit Dutta said...


Dear friends of InDogs, you may also like to see something that I'm trying to do for the poor Indies who have suffered centuries of abuse. Please see the link above and like the page that I've created for my own rescued Indie 'Bhulo'. I do borrow pics and stories from Indog Club which I acknowledge. I trust Rajashree Khalap does not mind and would lend me permission as I'm not doing this for any commercial use.