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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Orange and Combo

This pretty pair live with Anirban Kundu's family in Purulia, West Bengal. Their names are as lovely as the dogs themselves.

Orange is an INDog-mix (the other half may be spitz I think). She's four years old.


Combo the handsome tricolour is her son and just over a year old.


Orange has inherited the INDog trait of liking to sit on high places like walls. 

Mother and son

Combo sunbathing

Oof, that's enough sun...now for some shade

I love these pics of Combo eating a biscuit of a two-wheeler saddle!

Anirban looks after the free-roamers outside his house too. He plans to do welfare work for street dogs some day - a much-needed service in most parts of India!

Photos: Anirban Kundu
West Bengal

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