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Sunday, April 20, 2014


A long-overdue blog post on the fabulous Tippu!

Some of us have been following his activities on the Facebook page, but this is his first appearance in this blog. 

Tippu lives in Thrissur with Sajoy Peter's family which includes German Shepherd Tommy. These lucky dogs get to walk and play in lots of open spaces in the neighbourhood (apart from their own yard). 

Sajoy shared some pictures from Tippu's photo album, from his tiny puppy days last year to the present. 

The outdoor album will be posted soon. Look out for it!

With his brother 

Photos: Sajoy Peter

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gyanesh said...

Good morning sajoy,your blog & info is excellent me too lover of indian Pariah dog but in Mumbai i am unable to get....will you provide me one??..Tippu is very cute....i rescued one mix breed "champ" unfortunately right now i am unable to post his pic....he is being adopted by our family friend only ..now he is 1 yr. old doing absolutely fine..

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks for the comment Gyanesh. I have seen some pure INDog type dogs in Vasai, otherwise most dogs in the city look mixed. However they make equally nice pets and are also good-looking. You will find pure INDogs in some of the poorer rural areas in Raigad. I picked up my pup Kiba near a village called Kurul near Alibag. I've seen INDog groups in Dharamtar Creek area and also some near Karnala. They will be breeding in the monsoon and pups are usually born soon after. It would also be humane to adopt a rural pup as most of the ones near highways get run over.