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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Buddy the Prince

'Whoever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend never had a dog.'

I don't know who first said this, but I've seen the quote shared frequently on Facebook and Pinterest. 

It fits hundreds of girls I've met, and it fits Charanjit Kaur (and me too, though I'm rather an old girl!)

Buddy's favourite place - near Charanjit

A little history: I first met Buddy in 2007 when he was a handsome cuddly puppy, living at the non-profit I used to work in. He was up for adoption. At that time his name was 'Prince'. 

This is one of the adoption photos I took for his appeal back then:

Then on 6 October 2007, along came Charanjit looking to adopt a puppy. 

'I had seen a female pup called Dobby, with some problem in her foot, and I thought that was the dog I wanted,' says Charanjit. 'But as they say in the movie Hachiko, we don't choose the dog; the dog chooses us. 

'Buddy, at that time known as Prince, selected me...so here we are!'

(Incidentally, that pup Dobby also got a wonderful home and leads an equally happy pampered life!)

One of the adoption photos I took in 2007... 

...and a recent photo. He hasn't changed a lot, has he?

Buddy has appeared in this blog before in photo-stories about his play dates with Manik Godbole's pack. They were a lovely little gang until Charanjit and he shifted to a new neighbourhood recently. Check his play date posts: Tommy, Chinky, Buddy and Doggie's day out!

He turns seven this month, and we'd like to wish him a FABULOUS birthday and many many more to come! 

'He is agile and can play really well,' says Charanjit. 'And he's very friendly and sensitive. 

'I remember one of my students who was scared of him but wanted to play with him too. Buddy stayed at one side of the room until the child showed more confidence.'

Here are some more photos of him. 

He's as handsome and cuddly as ever; as intelligent and loving. 

And needless to say, he's worth more than all the diamonds in the world. 

With Tommy at our Indy Meet in Carter Road dog park last year

At our Indy Meet in Carter Road dog park

'This is how he shows his love...constantly near me'

Photos: Charanjit Kaur
3 photos: Petsville, Marol

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