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Monday, May 12, 2014

Raju and Sissy

In December last year Raju lost his best friend and inseparable companion Deepa.

This beautiful pair had been together since they were little pups, living happily with Tina and Godfrey D'Souza. Deepa's death was very sudden and a huge shock to the family. 

Raju grieved for his friend and took a long time to get over the loss. 

Then on 7 May, he got a new sister!

Here she is. Her name is 'Sissy'.

'Sissy lived a rough life on the streets in Mapusa,' writes Tina. 'As a young pup she became a mother. She has spent the past three months at the International Animal Rescue in Assagao. 

'We are not sure of her age but looking at her teeth, they guessed she is between one and two years old.

'Raju was becoming fat and old without Deepa. When I asked him if he wanted a new sissy, he said yes.

'We brought her home last wednesday and the photo of them together was taken on thursday. I think they will adjust to each other quickly.'

I love that Raju has a companion again!

Photos: Tina and Godfrey


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