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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Suzy and Katie

We often say dogs choose the owner, not the other way around. 

Suzy and Katie's mother actually did choose an owner for her pups: her friend Sharanya Chatterjee.

These striking INDog sisters live with Sharanya's family in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

I love this story Sharanya wrote for us:

'It all started when I used to wait at the bus stop for my school bus and a brown pariah puppy used to be my companion, in return for a pack of biscuits daily.

'As I grew up and so did this dog (now named Disco because of her amazing happy dance whenever she saw me), we developed a great friendship.

'One fine day she jumped our boundary wall and came inside, very hungry. Somehow I managed to convince my mom to let me feed her. 

'She would roam around the neighbourhood and come to our home only for food.

'Everything was manageable, until she got pregnant. 

'Although she delivered and nursed her four babies by the roadside, strangely one day she picked up one of the pups, a black female, and left her inside our premises. It was very cold outside so we decided to give the pup shelter for one night. That was Katie...

'Surprisingly, the next morning we found another pup, brown Suzy, in the garden. 

'Both the females had been left with us.'

Disco's babies

Disco with one of the male pups

'Now Disco went on living with the two male pups by the roadside. Twice a day she would visit the two female pups in our house and feed them. 

'After two weeks I found the two male pups lying alone by the roadside. So I took them in and persuaded my parents to give them shelter till winter was over, and return them to the road once summer came.'

'Four winters have passed since then...and they became an inherent part of my family without anyone realizing it. 

'Sadly one of the male pups died early, and we lost the other male (Bhoda) a few months ago.'


Bhoda and Katie

'Suzy and Katie live happily with us. Their mother Disco is still here.

'So actually it was they who adopted us... 

'Believe me, the best gift God has given my family is their unconditional love and lots of fun-filled memories to cherish forever!'

Photos and story: Sharanya Chatterjee

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Shanivi S said...

So sweet.

Sharanya Chatterjee said...

Lots of love to my beautiful angels.

Samir said...

nice job done sharanya :). samir