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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The K Gang with friends and acquaintances

It's been a while since I posted an update about Kimaya and Kiba (except for Neha's beautiful portraits in March). Their last story in this blog was in April last year.

We've had a busy year, with lots of jumping around in the garden and on the beach, several social events that I will report on soon, a visit to INDog friends in Pune, and participation as volunteers in two trainer courses conducted by the wonderful Canines Can Care. 

I'll be sharing some snapshots from our album so you can see how busy we've been. Meanwhile here are some photos from the past 12 months.

See that dog lying humbly on the sand? That's the terrible Brindlebrown, scourge of Nagaon beach, brought to his knees by SuperDog Brownie. 

Well, he's actually a friend of Brownie's and father of Rowdy, Krishna and Parvati; but Brownie never lets him terrorize the K Gang. He pinned him down once for frightening Kimaya. The next time Brindlebrown came to the beach he took one look at Brownie and instantly flopped down and rolled over by himself. The K Gang watched from a safe distance. Brindlebrown lay like this for over 20 minutes before quietly getting up and slinking away.

This is Brindlebrown some months later, just looking at Kiba - looking, that's all. Immediately Brownie stepped in between. And Kimaya tore herself away from some fascinating object she was sniffing and moved towards them. It was all resolved peacefully.

Sadly Kiba does not show the slightest gratitude and loses no opportunity to pester and challenge our dear noble Brownie. Brownie doesn't like Kiba at all (not surprising), but he tolerates all his nonsense because he's so devoted to us. I have a feeling Kiba hasn't understood this but thinks of himself as a powerful intimidating dog.

Brownie is no longer Kimaya's bestie, but they are friends again

Below: This is Friend. He belongs to a neighbour of ours. Like most village pets he roams around and goes home to eat and rest. 

He and his brothers used to be Kimaya's friends when they were puppies. 

Friend has a little pack of his own but he was alone on this occasion. 

Kiba tried to bully him but Friend didn't get bullied. He ignored Kiba and went home. 

Below: This is the Buffalo Dog. He accompanies his owner and a small herd of beautiful scary-looking cattle. He had come to the sea to cool off while the herd grazed. 

Kimaya ready to intervene in case Kiba and the Buffalo Dog started a fight

The Buffalo Dog had a 'tika' on his head

Our caretaker got chatting with his owner the Buffalo Man. It turned out the Buffalo Dog is not from these parts. He was born in a distant village in the home of the Buffalo Man's married daughter. His mother belongs to some breed whose name the Buffalo Man had forgotten (perhaps Dhangar Dog). As a puppy the Buffalo Dog was apparently quite aggressive, but he's softened up now and is very amiable, unless you try to steal any of his buffaloes. 

Below is a dolphin skull Kimaya found on the beach in December last year. We took some photos and sent them to an expert. She said it was probably a Bottlenose Dolphin. 

I wish I'd taken the skull home instead of leaving it on the beach. It didn't seem a good idea at the time because all the dogs had peed on it.

We have some friends and acquaintances in Mumbai too. Look out for the posts!

Photos: Nagaon Beach
Konkan Coast

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