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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Out-dog

I think this is rather a clever name. My mother made it up while watching Kiba in the garden one day.

Not that Kiba doesn't love indoors and soft upholstery. And he loves quilts and blankets in winter as much as any dog. But if we lived in Nagaon all year round I'm sure he'd spend the better part of the day in the garden or on the porch. Just sniffing about and guarding the house and loving all the sights and sounds and smells. 

It may be a coincidence that his favourite sofa in our Mumbai apartment is on the balcony with a nice view of the park and sea. 

He's never lived outdoors so it's not about missing a former lifestyle. 

Kimaya is an Out-dog too. And the other human and I are Out-persons. We're all well-matched that way, which is lucky for everybody. 

The saddest thing is when dogs and their humans don't match.

Photos: Nagaon

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