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Monday, June 30, 2014


Beautiful elegant Rosie was rescued as a pup from aggressive humans in Ahmedabad. She has been living with the kind Roychowdhury family ever since. 

Her rescue story sent by Kalyani Roychowdhury:

Rosie, her siblings and mother lived on the lawn of my former housing society. 

When we and the other residents first discovered them, everyone seemed happy, and I got full support from the other families. 

They would play around, and then the other residents started threatening them and us, for we and another family used to take care of them. They started to pester us because we showed love to the darling little puppies.

Two of the puppies succumbed, one to a road accident, the other to gastroenteritis. In fact Rosie almost died of the disease but my daughter got her checked, and then we brought her home and decided to keep her till she recovered. At that time we didn't intend to adopt her as we didn't want to curb her free-roaming nature. 

But then her mother passed away from symptoms that looked like brain haemorrhage, though I blame mankind for her death. 

We released Rosie again to be with her brother Blackie, but the residents started to threaten that they would poison both pups. 

My daughter ended up shouting and fighting with them, and almost stopped studying. She was in the eleventh grade then and in the science stream, and needed to study. My husband was absolutely against my daughter's stand, though I started supporting her. 

We got Rosie neutered, but we still had no intention of keeping her as a pet. Our pet cat's death had been very heart-wrenching and we didn't want a repeat. 

However fostering both the dogs became inevitable when the residents reached their peak of verbal assaults. So Rosie joined our family permanently. Her brother Blackie also lives with another family. 

We have bought ourselves a house, in a society way better than the previous one. Though there are people who are not really fond of her, the number of Rosie-fanatics is higher here. She also won my husband's heart! She eagerly waits for him to return from work in the evenings. 

Rosie is three years old now. 

She has a very noble personality, is playful, and loves guests (though she is suspicious in the beginning). My daughter is her best friend and she goes totally crazy when she comes home from college after months. She is very particular about what she eats, and loves to go out for walks. 

She is the apple of our eyes. 

I have a daughter; but Rosie is my other daughter.

Story and photos: Kalyani Roychowdhury

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