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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dogs of Tioman Island, Malaysia

These handsome dogs could easily be mistaken for INDogs, and I think one of them looks quite like a dingo. They were clicked by Barry Drew on the eastern side of Tioman Island, Malaysia.

It would be very interesting to know what dogs in the neighbouring parts of Malaysia look like. 

Barry's description:

'Tioman's locals are predominantly Muslim Malay and due to tradition do not keep dogs; there are are a couple of pets owned by foreign business owners on the more "developed" western side of the island, something in stark contrast for those who are traveling from neighbouring Thailand.

So I was thrilled to see this pack of dogs coming down to the beach to drink from the river. Very beautiful, natural looking and I think larger than the famed Telomian. I asked a local how their existence was possible given the local attitude to dogs. He told me they were owned by a local man and used for hunting purposes.'

'They were in fantastic condition. There were also two pups accompanying them. 

Tioman is a small island with human habitation restricted to the coastline. The rest of the island is dense rainforest on rocky hilly terrain. A hunting dog there would have to be well adapted.

This is a Juara dog that was clearly a pet, he let me get quite close while the other dogs pictured were on high alert. Very powerful looking dog with musculature that would put my Akita to shame.'

Note from Rajashree: The rainforest region of Tioman Island is a protected area, the Pulau Tioman Wildlife Reserve. However some of the protected mammals are probably being illegally hunted, using dogs. Aboriginal communities in India also sometimes continue to hunt illegally, often using INDogs, in areas where law enforcement is weak.

Photos and text: Barry Drew
Juara, East Tioman Island

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David Remsen said...

When I visited Tioman in 1997 I saw a number of similar dogs, with a wide range of colors, in and around the Berjaya resort. They seemed to belong to no one but were quite friendly and really handsome and muscular. I've never forgotten then and always wondered what breed they were.

stephanie little wolf said...

Typical of pure aboriginal dogs world wide - no better dogs in my opinion!