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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Another cute and lucky little Indy! 

Shareen wrote in about her Mysore-born pup Raaji:

Raaji was found in Gokulam, Mysore, along with another little puppy Nokhi. They were both about two months old. 

Some of my friends posted on Facebook asking if anyone was coming to Mysore and whether they could take care of him. I responded that I would take care of him for five weeks while I was there and try to find him a good forever home. 

Of course when I got there and started to take care of him, I fell in love with him and started to arrange how to take him home to Toronto, Canada.

I bought the crate, got his puppy shots at the vet, bought his plane ticket, got his flying papers and everything. 

We were actually turned down at the airport and they said he couldn't leave the country because I forgot one paper, but after a lot of my tears and convincing I managed to get him on the plane. 

Our flights were delayed by 1.5 days but finally we arrived in Toronto over 60 hours later. In an ice storm on the coldest day of the year. The poor little pup didn't know what hit him!

Within a few days he got used to the snow and the cold and started to love it, digging in the snow, wearing sweaters and boots. 

He had to get used to two cats and two ferrets at home as well, and now they are all good friends.

It's warm now in Toronto and he goes to the giant off-leash dog park every day to run around and play with his friends for an hour or two. He loves playing with big dogs, wrestling and chasing.

He's VERY smart and stubborn and hard to train. He also loves to eat shoes, books, furniture, clothing - but he is getting better. 

We are going to private dog training lessons to teach him manners and obedience.

His only health issue is his skin; he has demodectic mange. We are trying to cure that naturally. 

He's a pretty happy guy, nearly one year old now, and I'm a very happy lucky dog owner to have such a sweet pup. 

Story and photos: Shareen Woodford

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B.Samir said...

good job done my dear. keep it up :)