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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Cat that walked with LittleDog

Pinned up in my study is a small print of the famous 'Cat that Walked by Himself'...and on my laptop screen is The Cat that Didn't. 

The globe-trotting Indy LittleDog is now living in Galicia, Spain. (Have you seen his photo albums from Kolkata, Thailand and Mongolia?)

He has some new family members: the lovely horse Neron, and Cat.

Cat is a most unusual feline as you can see from these photos. He went on a two-hour hike with LittleDog recently. 

Cat paused to do some cat things, and LittleDog paused to do some dog things, but they still walked together all the way! 

Enjoy the photos, and thanks Dominique for letting me share them!

Photos: Dominique Brand

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

South of the Equator...

An update on the lucky Cape Town Pack, which has two Indy members! You can read their stories through the link in the earlier sentence!

Left to right: Sipho, Rishi, Leela

Leela, Rishi and Sipho lead a busy life what with regular hikes on Table Mountain, walks through the golf links near their home, racing and playing on the beach and sunbathing in their own garden. 

Cape Town is my top favourite city overseas. This message from Yvonne sums up why: 
"I was on the beach with all three dogs and there were over a thousand dolphins swimming in the direction of Table Mountain that filled the bay with fins and somersaults and wave surfing."

Sometimes Southern Right Whales are also spotted; and penguins and seals. Yvonne is actively involved with a seal rescue group. 

And here's Rishi running into the sea, Table Mountain in the distance. 

Rishi and Leela
Leela has a natural 'teeka'

Evening nap with Jules! Always the same spot.

Rishi asking for a tummy-tickle

Rishi is the smallest but has to have the biggest bed!

'Sipho's chair: everyone knows that!'

We've been comparing notes on Rishi and his sister, my Kimaya, for the last six years. They have many traits and habits in common, including having mad solo play bursts after dinner! Here's a photo of Kimaya 'meeting' her brother on Skype. I don't know whether dogs can see screen images but she is always interested in Skype and in this conversation she reacted to the barking far away in Cape Town. She also met Yvonne last November and seemed to recognize her voice.

There are many more posts about the Cape Town pack in this blog; search for 'Rishi and Leela,' 'Sipho' and you'll find lots more gorgeous photos.

Photos: Yvonne de Kock
Cape Town
South Africa

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Loki, Dog of Mischief

INDogs Gucci and Teddy now have a baby 'brother': pretty golden Loki recently joined the Menezes family in Nasik.

Everyone knows the name Loki after the Thor and Avenger movies; but long before Marvel and Hollywood fame Loki was famous as a trickster and god of mischief in Norse mythology.  This little Loki looks rather gentle but no doubt he'll live up to the name, like all puppies! 

'Loki is the fourth addition to my family, and the third Indy,' writes Stephanie. 'I rescued him from being run over, and in spite of searching for his mother for over three hours, couldn't locate her. 

'Gucci and Teddy have started playing with him a little and he's totally at ease in his new home.'

So heart-warming to hear of another lucky puppy. I dream of a perfect future when no more pups will be born on the street; but while they still are I hope there will be many more kind people to take them in!

Photos: Stephanie Stephens Menezes

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Meet Sofia! She was adopted ten days ago in Chennai by Gowri Shankar Natesan.

'She is around 30 odd days old, and people around were going to drop her off some streets away to fend for herself,' says Gowri. 'Overhearing the conversation my family and I decided to adopt her.

'She is doing well; got her checked by a vet, and except for some anaemia she appears fine.'

I wonder how those people thought a puppy of this age would be able to 'fend for herself.' One would expect that in a city like Chennai with extremely well-publicized animal welfare organizations, people would have other options than just waiting for dogs to be born and then displacing them. Good thing for little Sofia that there was a kind family in the neighbourhood. I hope her dog relatives will be neutered soon as not all pups get this lucky!

Photos: Gowri Shankar Natesan

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Shalini and Somu: First days in Switzerland

Last Tuesday my friends Nicole (human) and Shalini and Somu (dogs) travelled from Ahmedabad to Switzerland. Nicole shifted back there last year and now she's finally been able to take the dogs there.

I love Shalini because she is the same type as my INDog Kiba. Nicole adopted her in Navi Mumbai when she was a little pup. Somu joined the family later in Ahmedabad, where Nicole rescued him after he'd suffered terrible brutality. If you follow the links back you can read their stories in this blog. Or you can just type 'Shalini and Somu' in the search box. 

Nicole's older Indy Deepa has been living in Switzerland for several years now, with Nicole's parents on their lovely farm. You can follow her story through the links in this post.

Last week's journey was stressful for Nicole, partly because of Somu's nervous temperament. They stopped in Mumbai between the flights and I met them at the domestic airport. Luckily everything went well and they arrived safely in Switzerland the next morning. 

From the photos Nicole sent it's clear the dogs have settled into their new home and life very quickly! Who wouldn't, with fields and woods and a garden to explore? And...there are no firecrackers or loudspeakers.


Somu has got overweight; he'll have a chance to slim down running in these green open spaces!

Shalini's first walk in the forest

'It's very quiet here,' Nicole writes. 'The only sound comes from some cow bells.'

My Kiba is dealing with the stress of loud firecrackers and drums right now, since we are in the middle of the Ganpati festival. So I'm just a little bit envious!

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil
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