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Monday, September 1, 2014

Shalini and Somu: First days in Switzerland

Last Tuesday my friends Nicole (human) and Shalini and Somu (dogs) travelled from Ahmedabad to Switzerland. Nicole shifted back there last year and now she's finally been able to take the dogs there.

I love Shalini because she is the same type as my INDog Kiba. Nicole adopted her in Navi Mumbai when she was a little pup. Somu joined the family later in Ahmedabad, where Nicole rescued him after he'd suffered terrible brutality. If you follow the links back you can read their stories in this blog. Or you can just type 'Shalini and Somu' in the search box. 

Nicole's older Indy Deepa has been living in Switzerland for several years now, with Nicole's parents on their lovely farm. You can follow her story through the links in this post.

Last week's journey was stressful for Nicole, partly because of Somu's nervous temperament. They stopped in Mumbai between the flights and I met them at the domestic airport. Luckily everything went well and they arrived safely in Switzerland the next morning. 

From the photos Nicole sent it's clear the dogs have settled into their new home and life very quickly! Who wouldn't, with fields and woods and a garden to explore? And...there are no firecrackers or loudspeakers.


Somu has got overweight; he'll have a chance to slim down running in these green open spaces!

Shalini's first walk in the forest

'It's very quiet here,' Nicole writes. 'The only sound comes from some cow bells.'

My Kiba is dealing with the stress of loud firecrackers and drums right now, since we are in the middle of the Ganpati festival. So I'm just a little bit envious!

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil
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