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Monday, September 15, 2014


Meet Sofia! She was adopted ten days ago in Chennai by Gowri Shankar Natesan.

'She is around 30 odd days old, and people around were going to drop her off some streets away to fend for herself,' says Gowri. 'Overhearing the conversation my family and I decided to adopt her.

'She is doing well; got her checked by a vet, and except for some anaemia she appears fine.'

I wonder how those people thought a puppy of this age would be able to 'fend for herself.' One would expect that in a city like Chennai with extremely well-publicized animal welfare organizations, people would have other options than just waiting for dogs to be born and then displacing them. Good thing for little Sofia that there was a kind family in the neighbourhood. I hope her dog relatives will be neutered soon as not all pups get this lucky!

Photos: Gowri Shankar Natesan

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