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Friday, October 17, 2014

Rocky Singh

Amrendra Singh's beautiful INDog-mix Rocky has featured in our Facebook page many times. This is his first appearance on the blog! Amrendra sent in his story and his family took these lovely photos.

Rocky the Great (as we call him) joined my family, an intense animal-loving group of people, at Khajuraho as a puppy. He was rescued in a very distressed condition. His family were living in filth in a place where carcasses of animals were thrown.

Baby Rocky

Now he is with my parents in Varanasi after spending a year with me in Khajuraho. 

It's a big mystery whether Rocky adopted my family or we adopted him!

He is always playful but street-smart. My mother has pampered him. Everyone in the family adjusts their behaviour according to his mood, and he displays an attitude of 'couldn't care less' most of the time. After all he is the darling of not only my family but the entire neighbourhood! Surprisingly many of my neighbours adore him.



An important member of the family!

Don't you dare enter my house!

He was also selected among the top 10 most beautiful Indies of the country for the year 2013, by PETA India. He made us so proud!

Text and photos: Amrendra Singh

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Meghna said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and Rocky's story. It's beautiful. God bless. :)

RAMESH B said...

As a neighbor, I see Rocky Singh almost everyday. He is the boss of the colony we stay in. He has swarm of admirers and follower's from among the INDogs of our area. When he is taken for a walk, there are at least a dozen other INDogs who follow him, like escorts. Like a Maharaja, he is shielded and protected by these escorts. Dogs from other groups just scram when King Rocky Singh is on his stroll with his army.

Best wishes to him and his proud owners.