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This blog is for aboriginal dog enthusiasts. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Only INDogs (Indian Pariah Dog) and INDog-mixes (Indies) are featured here. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive landrace village dog of the Indian subcontinent. I sometimes feature other landrace breeds too. Also see padsociety.org

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Asian Dogs, by Lili Chin

Lili Chin is my favourite dog artist. I love her posters on dog training and behaviour. 

Her 'Dogs of the World' series is the most adorable breed directory ever. I particularly like that she's included aboriginal dogs along with the better-known modern breeds. 

Have a look at the full set on her Doggie Drawings website.

I have 'Asian Dogs' from the series, framed in our study. Look closely at the third row...! 

This is a terrible photo taken with my phone, with a flash reflection and all kinds of mess. The original poster is in her website.

You can follow her wonderful work on her Facebook page. 

Oh, and she does cats too!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Ashish Sharma recently read our 'temperament guide' for Indy owners (have a look, it's good!)

It inspired him to send in this interesting description of his beautiful INDog-mix Choco, and all these photos. I'm posting my favourite one first, though it was very hard to pick a favourite!

He came to us on 4th July, 2013, during the rainy season; I think he was between 30-45 days old. I was getting out of my cab after my night shift and saw him following me to the building, completely drenched. Seeing this cute puppy running behind me all wet, I took him upstairs for food and to dry him, so that I could release him once the rain stopped.

Coincidentally, for a couple of days previously we had been discussing adopting a pet from an adoption centre. I have been living with dogs since my birth, and my wife has a labrador at her home as well). 

After I took him in I did not feel like abandoning him. I did not see his mother anywhere around our society either, nor any more puppies. 

So the lord answered our prayers, with Choco.

Choco's behaviour: Since the beginning, he is possessive and an irritating cuddler. Passive (not dominating), and likes to sleep in a way that he gets to touch both of us during sleep. Extremely energetic, attentive and playful. Very social around kids and guests and a few dogs (not all). Does not like to stay alone at all, and howls if left alone, and destroys anything he can find, if alone.

Choco does not overeat. Playing is a priority over eating. He can be stubborn at times. We have trained him to use the bathroom for all his 'business', which is helpful in the rainy season or when we are extremely tired, but he does not like a wet floor.

Fur shedding is a bit of a problem. He sheds twice a year. When he has eaten some rubbish (for instance, wood, paper, plastic, hair, rubber) the good thing is his body immediately rejects any foreign substance and he throws up.

He has great stamina and I have trained him for that as well. He can run almost at the speed of 30-32 kmph for 5-7 minutes straight without slowing.

He can jump more than 6 feet in height and for length I think it's more than 6 feet as well (no exaggeration here).

Our lovely son Choco really gives us the feeling of being a father and mother (as he has done almost everything a child can do in the house, ranging from destroying stuff, to eating earth outside).

Text and photos: Ashish Sharma

Please do not use images and content from this site without permission and acknowledgment