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Friday, March 27, 2015

Revisiting Arrow

Beautiful INDog-mix Arrow was on this blog last May; and Shelby sent an update about him some days ago. 

I love all the heart-warming adoption stories here, but Arrow's is particularly satisfying. I'll never forget his anxious little face in his early photos, when he was going from foster to foster. And look at him now, so happily settled with Sheldon, Aiden and their two cats! 

Shelby writes: 'It has been almost a year since Arrow entered our lives and we couldn't be happier. He is a wonderfully affectionate boy. He is very intelligent, and has become an excellent watch dog. He takes special pride in watching over us. He loves his walks, running in fields, and going on trips with us. We are overjoyed to have stumbled upon him and given him a home.'

Some photos, including lovely portraits with Aiden:

Photos: Shelby Amador Nava

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Remember I mentioned last week that Matrix had a brother called Rusty?

Here he is! Just as handsome and just as lucky!

When the pups' mother died, a very kind-hearted student named Sushant rescued them. He already owns a pair of dogs. And two students at his college, Rupesh and Rahul, had often mentioned that they'd like to keep dogs. So he asked them about adopting the orphans.

Rupesh took Matrix and Rahul Ganguly took home Rusty. 

Rahul is an animal lover and already has four aquariums and a rabbit. But Rusty is his first dog.

'It was a tough challenge for me as I'd never had a puppy,' he says. 'It was like a leap of faith when I brought Rusty home.'

'At first my mom was very uncomfortable with him as she was afraid of dogs.

'But eventually Rusty made such a bond with all of us that her fear was totally gone. And nowadays she is mostly seen cuddling him!'

Just like his brother Matrix, Rusty is now 5 months old. And already growing into a beautiful strong dog (INDog-mix I believe; beautiful pale gold coat and long dropped ears). Look at his sweet expression!

'He goes running with me two kilometres in the morning and two kilometres in the evening, to maintain his health and strength. 

'We are very happy with this newest member of our home!'

Photos: Rahul Ganguly

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sophie's Choice

Just got the latest Sophie news from Goa! And it's all lovely and has put a big smile on my face.

This gorgeous Indy princess is now 18 months old, and astonishingly smart (no surprises there). And astonishingly smart at getting her doting humans to pamper her (no surprises there, either!) Remember how she adopted her humans instead of the other way around?

'I don't know if I ever told you the reason for her name,' writes David. 'I think it's something very cute. You see, she chose us, we didn't choose her... And there's a movie by the name of "Sophie's Choice"...right? Well that's why she's called Sophie. We're her choice!'

She's still as energetic as ever, more intelligent than I could ever have imagined, and a very picky eater. Surprising for her background - but she seems to have understood that if she says she doesn't like something, we won't force her to eat it or starve her till she does - but will get her something she likes.

Spoilt - yes, I agree. Spoilt rotten!

She loves sleeping on the family divan in the TV room. The minute it's free she has 'dibs on the divan' and comes running from wherever she is to lie there. Sleeps there on nights too, very often. Even though she has a really nice, large, soft and very comfortable bed - made specially for her by one of our cushion-maker friends.

Another thing she loves doing is taking her afternoon siesta in the passage way (where it's nice and cool and breezy). 

On her back after a heavy lunch...

And that 'publicity pic' of hers at the beginning of the post, I managed to get only by speaking to her. I noticed that there was no way she was going to sit still for a picture - so started telling her a story - and she was listening very intently (see the expression on her face and the tilt of her head) - and that's when I got her pic. I got a couple more too, but this one's the best.

Believe me, I've had dogs - but this is by far the smartest one yet. 

She's so intelligent and energetic that when one's with her there is little time for posing and pictures...
So much to do, so much to see and smell...c'mon, c'mon...!

That's our Sophie.

Text and photos: David

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I love raven-black dogs; and you can't get more raven-black than Jazzy!

This beautiful little INDog-mix was adopted by Vandana Deshpande Vaidya in Bangalore in mid-2013. She has featured on our Facebook INDog page a few times, but never on this blog, so here are two of her early photos.

Jazzy and Vandana's other dog, GSD Sasha, recently shifted with her to the US (upstate NY). 
'It was a roller coaster journey, but finally all's well,' writes Vandana.

There was an ecstatic reunion with Vandana's husband who had gone there earlier. 


Here they are, wondering what that cold white stuff is all over the landscape!


Photos: Vandana Deshpande Vaidya

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Guess what I like best about the INDog Project?

Here's the answer: lots of really nice, humane people email me. The rare kind of people who notice and help small forlorn creatures. 

Every time that happens, I go: 'Oh well, there are some good humans in the world after all.'

And the next best thing about the INDog Project is, I get to see the CUTEST puppy photos!! Just go through this blog and you'll see what I mean!

Here's the latest cutie: Matrix, a handsome five-month-old in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh!

Matrix and his brother Rusty are orphans. Their mother died soon after giving birth to them.

Luckily the pups were rescued and taken into a home. And when Matrix was one month old, he was adopted by Rupesh Kumar, a student living in Bhilai. 

(The other pup Rusty was adopted by Rupesh's friend; I hope to feature him too, in a later post).

Matrix fell ill with a viral liver infection a few weeks ago, but he has recovered now after treatment. He's five months old.

He runs with Rupesh for four kilometres every morning, which is really helping his health. 

'He's become an important member of the family,' says Rupesh. 'Funny fact is, after I adopted Matrix my parents mostly call me to get updates about him, rather than about me!' 

The adorable happy white puppy in this picture is not a pet; he was in the locality for some days but disappeared later.

The free-roaming dogs in Bhilai mostly have erect ears and curled tails, and may possibly be true INDogs. But it's hard to tell at this age what Matrix will look like when he grows up. 

All we can predict is that he'll be gorgeous!

Photos: Rupesh Kumar

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