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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Guuchu is a village pup from the 24 Parganas area of West Bengal. And like all INDog pups, he's beautiful, bright-eyed and highly intelligent!

Guuchu's owner Sourav Purkayastha wrote in about his cute new family member:

I had asked the lady who cooks for us to look out for some deshi pups in her area.

She lives in a distant village area, far away from the main city.

She informed me as soon as she found a litter of pups with their mother by the roadside near her house. She started feeding them occasionally. I went to see them. They were just about two months old.

I offered some treats to them and eventually they became friendlier and came near me to smell me and check me out. I followed the advice of a famous trainer on choosing my pup. After thorough examination and observation I chose the low/medium energy pup of the litter, since that is the energy level of our family. So I think he will be a fine pet, but time will tell.

In his first seven days in our house I could see that he was mellow, calm and composed, and very well-behaved. He already seemed housebroken, doesn't pee in the house, whines for me to take him outside and then does his 'business' immediately and returns inside without my having to say a word. We feed him chicken, rice, egg, fish, some vegetables. He loves it. 

At first hesitant, this little guy now loves going for a walk with me every morning around the block. I supervise him closely.

Overall I just love the energy that he brings into our family! And he's so cute he makes me want to constantly cuddle him.

I would love it if more and more people brought INDogs into their homes. They are so low-maintenance, perfect for the Indian climate, and a healthy and hardy race. Thanks to Mother Nature.

Photos and text: Sourav Purkayastha
West Bengal

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Ashish said...

Haha.. Nice name :) Cute Pup!!