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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kalu and Lalu

Handsome brothers Kalu and Lalu belong to Subrata Pain, who lives in West Bengal. The pups were gifted to him by his adivasi employees. 


'They are smart and funny and like to play and dig in our garden all the time,' writes Subrata. 

'One of them suffered from parvo virus but now he is fine.'

Kalu means black and Lalu means red, so it's not difficult to guess which is which!

Kalu is the boss of the pack, and if Subrata pets Lalu first he jumps at his brother angrily. But they also love each other a lot. 

The tribe they lived with traditionally used such dogs for hunting, which would explain the high prey drive of these pups. They tend to chase cats and got into trouble once for attacking the neighbour's chickens. Subrata keeps a watchful eye on them to prevent such episodes.

I think the pups are INDog-mixes (mixed with some larger breed) because of their greater-than-normal height and weight, and also the heavy shading on Lalu's body. Here are some beautiful pictures of them!


 Subrata Pain
West Bengal

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