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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

King Tommy in Devon, Part 2

More from Tommy's Devon album! Have you seen Part 1?

But first, here's a photo of him and Monique with the award he won recently: second place in the 'Most Beautiful Eyes' contest!

And this one above is Tommy at a lovely old dog-friendly pub near where they stay. Wearing his raincoat on a rainy day.

And here are some stunning beach photos from South Devon. Incidentally, this is the beach where the Allies trained for D-Day in World War II. 

Modelling Monique's designs!

'The whole feel about Devon is that it's miles away from busy city life and quite rural,' writes Monique. 'Overall it's nice to be in a place where dogs are allowed long walks and in general are quite well looked-after. There are a lot of working dogs here that help with sheep and cows. There are sheep everywhere, hence when we walk on the country roads Tommy has to be on leash.'

Photos: Monique G Nerman

Tommy's Facebook page: King Tommy and the God of Beginnings

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