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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

King Tommy in Devon

Time for a Tommy update! It's been a while!

This beautiful INDog-mix is one of my favourite dogs, and he's been the perfect Indy ambassador for several years now. If you're new here, have a look at all his earlier posts:

Now there's a book based on his life, written by Monique! Just launched!

And he continues to travel and explore the world, winning new friends and fans wherever he goes. 

He and Monique are currently in Devon. 

I'm posting some of their photos here, and more in a day or two. Enjoy the album! 

Wonderful walks in the Devon parks
Lots of squirrels...
Helping with Monique's new business - at the market where the designs are displayed
Sneaking behind the counter at a pet store. They love giving dogs biscuits here!
A dog waiting for his owner outside a local pub

Watch this space for the next Tommy update!

Photos: Monique G Nerman

Tommy's Facebook page: King Tommy and the God of Beginnings

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