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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mongolia with Champ and Jebo

Champ and Jebo are settled in Ulaanbaatar now, with Neha and Anoop at last! Neha shifted them there in May. 

They're loving all the long walks and new friends.

Soon after arriving in Mongolia they set off on a road trip with the family. 

No more text required. Enjoy the pictures and all the stunning dogs! It was hard to pick just a few from Neha's album, so there are lots of photos this time!

A cute local dog (maybe mix-breed) and a husky, at a highway restaurant about 50 km outside Ulaanbaatar.

Below: These teddybear beauties were at Orkhon Valley near a nomadic family ger. What a treat to see these two very different types in the same picture! The lithe INDog and these handsome furry giants. This is one of my favourite dog images ever.

And finally, here are some more Champ and Jebo pictures, in this very different landscape.

Do have a look at Neha's earlier photos of Mongolian village dogs, in case you missed that post. More adorable dogs to swoon over! (And read up on the first Indy invasion of Mongolia: LittleDog's!)

Photos: Neha Arora, Anoop Kayarat

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