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Monday, December 21, 2015

The K Gang at sea

Last sunday was our wedding anniversary - the 29th!! - and Kiran thought of this wonderful way to celebrate. (He has most of the wonderful ideas in our family). An evening boat ride in the harbour, to watch the sun set on the Arabian Sea. With Kiba and Kimaya of course!

Kiba was nervous to begin with, but he calmed down later and even took a nap. And Kimaya loved every minute and posed nicely for many photos. 

Enjoy the album!

Miss Jack Sparrow!

Mumbai from the sea

Photos: Rajashree Khalap

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Zarir DeVitre said...

Hi Rajashree, thanks for sharing. We have a two year INDog mix of indeterminate parentage who is very shy and timid and scares easily. We wanted to take her to Alibaug (by speed boat assuming that the commercial ferries may not allow pets on board) and were hoping for some safety tips from you. She wears a harness nearly identical to the red one in your photos. She has been to the beach before and enjoys the water although she didn't go for a full swim and we have never taken her in a boat before. Any suggestions or safety tips would be well appreciated. Thanks in advance, Z

Saugot Chowdhury said...

HI Rajshree, love your blog. I am also a fan of pariah. Me and my wife is a proud owner of a two month old pariah puppy. My wife rescued her from an accident on road with a bike. When we brought her home she was very ill, dehydrating. Had to give constant checkups with vet. Now after two months she has grown stronger, taller. Now my sofas are becoming shorter for her and cushions are her chew toys.. ha ha..proud to have a girl like her. We call her pokhila (butterfly in Assamese) because she keep jumping and playing. Thanks

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi Zarir, I'm so sorry for the long delay in replying to your comment. I have not had much online time over the past month and didn't check the blog. Did you take your dog to Alibag? Our dogs are quite nervous about new places and experiences, and neither wanted to jump into the boat from the jetty, so we lifted them in. After that Kimaya got interested in her surroundings and thoroughly enjoyed herself. I had to hold her leash all the time to make sure she didn't climb on the side of the boat. Kiba, the more nervous one, took longer to relax but he was reassured by Kiran's presence. As long as you keep your Indy leashed and close to you, she should be fine. Maldar does allow dogs in their catamarans btw, on the lower deck, but if your dog is nervous she might find the crowd of passengers intimidating. If you take a speed boat or private launch, you need to watch out for the other pet dogs being taken in and out of other boats on that jetty. Our dogs did their usual jumping-and-hurling-abuse routine at a succession of poodles and pekes, and got yapped at in return; and, well...a slippery sloping jetty is not a good place to be pulled around by a dog, so best be prepared in advance :)

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thank you Saugat :) Glad you like my blog and own an INDog yourself. Do you live in Assam? I love the dogs there, they're the cutest! I'd love to see photos of your dog if possible.